Cori Javid

Cori Javid is the Money Mindset and Manifestation expert for mothers and Success Coach to women with kids and businesses all over the world, supporting women in becoming financially empowered and feeling Limitless. Having walked out on a 10+ year stint at an investment bank, Cori replaced her salary within 3 months of launching her business and went on to scale her business to beyond 6-figures, all while working 25 hours a week or less. She believes that you get to be successful because you are a mother, not in spite of it. With The Limitless Mother Podcast and The Limitless Mother Template Shop, Cori has created the go-to resources for moms, providing them with the perfect blend of strategy, mindset and her signature “Dash of Woo” to help them grow their businesses with ease and lead their Limitless Lives. Cori lives with her husband and child on the South Coast of England and loves taking baths in the middle of the day, skipping hand in hand with her daughter and drinking tea (like the good Brit she is).


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