Finding Yourself Again Group Program

Do you feel lost in your life as a mother and wife?  

Has everyday become groundhog day?  

Do you feel fulfilled and happy with yourself?

I get it!

I struggled for your years feeling like I couldn’t step into my dreams because I put my husband and kiddos before me in everything I did. I wasn’t showing up to my life the way I wanted.  I felt resentment for giving up my passions to help everyone else around me.  Don’t get me wrong I want my husband and children to fulfill all of their wildest dreams.  I also believe I can achieve mine at the same time. Then, I finally realized that when I invest in myself I am investing in my family. The reason we as Moms lack the motivation to start our big dreams is because we constantly deprioritize ourselves.  We are left with the “leftovers”, feeling tired, unexcited, depleted, and loss of spark. I have a passion for helping mothers step into their unique greatness and achieve whatever they desire.  The truth is you are important too momma!  You are not less than!  Take back the pen and write the story you want to be in.

Do you want to improve your….

Self worth

God given purpose

Care for your body

Time management



Authentic self

I invite you to find yourself again so you can:

Feel fulfilled

Feel like your true self

Have more confidence

Be authentically you

Have more clarity and confidence in your journey 

Think that prioritizing yourself is selfish? 


Think again!

When you invest in yourself you are investing in your family and business!

What’s my investment?

How much is your lack of confidence costing you?

What is self doubt and lack of clarity preventing you from becoming, doing, and achieving? 

Pay In Full Price of $700!

Monthly Price of $297!